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D&P Electrical is your go-to services provider of a wide array of the highest quality services for air conditioning in Birkdale and surrounds. We have highly skilled, fully qualified, and vastly experienced air conditioning specialists equipped with the best tools and techniques our industry has to offer to ensure that we deliver the highest levels of quality workmanship, air conditioning service excellence, and customer satisfaction.

What Services Do We Offer?

We specialise in the installation of the following types of air conditioners –

Ducted air conditioners –

We are your go-to ducted air conditioning installation provider. Ducted systems are the most economical way to provide comfort to your home or office all year round. Reverse cycle models (cooling and heating) guarantee efficient results even in the harshest of weather conditions. Airflow comes from the indoor fan unit positioned either in the roof space or underfloor. Custom designed and professionally installed duct then connect to ceiling, wall or floor outlets strategically placed throughout your home, office or industrial property providing generous amounts of conditioned air to each room.

Split air conditioners –

Split AC systems are ideal for single rooms or relatively small areas. It generally consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, that can be positioned anywhere within the target area. It offers the combined benefits of modern–technology, slim design and ultra-quiet operations. Furthermore, it dramatically increases the chance of air conditioning in any room and at any time.


Multi-split systems –

Multi-split systems are ideal for providing comfort to separate sections of a property whether it is a home, office or industrial complex. With 1 single outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor head units all individually controlled, we guarantee that there is no other ‘perfect’ AC solution that can match the benefits offered by multi-split systems.


We also offer air conditioning system design services.

Designing an air conditioning system might not seem like a lot of work but it’s a very complex process.

We understand that every project is different this is the reason why our AC system designing team will first listen to your requirements, then visit your property and finally come up with a layout that suits your needs the best. Based on the layout, we will offer you options about the AC type for your property so that you get the best cooling for every dollar you spend.

Air Conditioner FAQ

What is the project handling process at your company?

We follow a unique multi-step and scalable project handling process that alters with every unique project we handle or have handled over the years.
The said process consists of –

Consultation –

Our process starts with an extensive consultation session where our team members, surveyors and design specialists will understand your ideas and vision for the AC system you have in mind for your property.

Design –

Our experienced and dedicated team will come up with a concept layout that will be on par with what they have learnt about the AC system design you have in mind for your property. If you do not like the concept, just tell us and the necessary changes will be made right away.

Installation –

We are known to work collaboratively and professionally with clients that allow us to deliver efficient results, time and time again. Whether it is residential or commercial air conditioning installation, we are capable of installing AC systems that last long and oozes quality craftsmanship.

Do you also offer commercial air conditioning services?

Yes, we offer our commercial air conditioning services to different types of commercial properties including –

  • Factories
  • Fast food outlets
  • Service stations
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Clean rooms and
  • Computer rooms.

What are the benefits of installing a multi-split AC unit on my property?

Multi-split air conditioning systems are effortless to be set up, really peaceful to be around and the best part; they are extremely energy efficient.

Multiple interior units can be connected to a single outdoor unit instead of several ones.

Our multi-split air conditioning system designs are purpose-built from the ground up thus allowing us to install them in large structures and even those that come with several floors. Each indoor unit can be run and controlled independently.

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Why Choose Us?

D&P Electrical is your best choice because of our –

Knowledge & Expertise

Get highly skilled experts who have years of successfully completing all kinds of electrical and solar projects for all types of homes and businesses.

Professionalism & Reliability

Have consummate professionals who are always courteous and respectful complete your project correctly, within budget, and on time every time

Quality & Affordability

Expect the highest quality services done with outstanding
workmanship, service, and customer satisfaction at relatively
affordable prices.

Safety, Speed, & Efficiency

See your project completed in the safest, fastest, and the most
practical way possible with processes that meet all Australian standards.

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